Letter from Tom Lieb

To our valued customers, suppliers, friends and employees:


As I reflect on my 60-plus years as owner and founder of SCAT Enterprises, Inc and the many customers, suppliers, friends and employees I have met and worked with, I realize how truly rewarding this journey has been.


Since my son Peter’s untimely death seven years ago, I have been approached many times to sell SCAT.  These proposals included organizational changes, moving our facility, and plans that would disrupt the business and put my employees’ livelihood at risk. I have held off selling until I was assured the employees that have made SCAT a success would be well taken care of.


I have decided to sell the Crankshaft and Procar businesses to Taglich Private Equity, LLC. Please refer to the attached press release for more information on the buyer, who is the same investment group that purchased Air Flow Research.


Taglich Private Equity has signed a five-year lease on our current SCAT building and has no plans to move SCAT or to change anything we do. They will focus on our strengths, introduce new products and continue to grow the business.


All key members of management will remain in control of SCAT, and it truly will be business as usual.  I will continue to assist the Crankshaft and Procar businesses in a consultant role for the next 12 months at a minimum, and longer if needed.


I want to assure all of you that we will continue to provide the same high-quality crankshafts, connecting rods, and seating systems, with a continued focus on customer service and technical support. If you have questions about the transition, I am always available for a phone call.


To all who have been part of this journey, my family and I thank you.





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