1964 Bug

Arianna McKamey-Simoni from Wyoming shared her 1964 Bug build. She purchased this VW for $500 when she was 12 and took autobody classes in high school to learn how to restore and paint the body. She’s now 19 years old and has installed a new motor full of SCAT VW parts.

The Volkstoker Volksracer engine has a 2161cc engine kit, Super-D heads, 42×37.5 crank pulley, 12-volt lightened flywheel, H-Beam connecting rods, Chromoly pushrods, adjustable pushrod tubes, 84mm crank, 2-quart sump, C45 cam, rocker arm assembly and an oil breather.

Great work, Arianna!

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2332cc Engine for 1957 Bug

2332cc Engine for 1957 Bug

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